Exporting flowers and ornamental plants to Iraq

Getting started

NIkagol Mahallat Company took its first steps towards export about 4 years ago. Given the current situation in Iraq, it was the first destination to be exported.

With the efforts of Fararan and relying on the young management and the expansion of the area under flower and plant cultivation, which, thanks to God, grew every year, we were able to start the export route to Iraq.

Send the first shipment to Iraq

Relying on advertisements on the Iraqi website, social networks and television channels, the first step was taken to cooperate with the Iraqi customer.
At the beginning of the work, due to the lack of trust between the two sides, the work was difficult.
In the meantime, it was necessary for one side to take the lead. Mr. Vahid Sarlak, the director of Nikagol Complex, trusted the Iraqi side, relying on the relevant university education in the field of flowers and plants and his extensive experience in this field.
The Iraqi customer was known among colleagues as a bad customer. But in 2016, Nikagol collection sent 100 million tomans of flowers to this customer. In order to further cooperate with this customer, despite all the difficulties and debts of the bank that had the collection, this shipment was sent to Iraq and the city of Clare on a completely credit basis.
The Iraqi side, seeing the goodwill and quality of the cargo it received, paid the full price after a month, according to the agreement, and this was the beginning of the ongoing export route of Nikagol, which, thank God, has increased every year.

A pioneer in packaging among colleagues

Ariagel's management conducted a survey of Iraqi customers and found that one of the problems they had was the high number of casualties, which was often eaten by buds. So Ariagle decided to send the package in bulk instead of the traditional way of picking flowers in bulk.
Aria Gol has ordered plastic covers to wrap around the flowers. By doing so, roses were delivered to the customer on a 100% guaranteed basis from origin to destination.

ارسال گل ها به روشی قدیمی و سنتی

Send flowers in an old and traditional way


Send flowers using the cover

Collaboration with Neba Al-Janna Company

Collaboration with Nabajna Company in Najaf and another collaboration that made Iraqi customers more confident in Nikagol than before. After that, the Iraqi parties should not worry about trusting Nikagol.
In this way, the customer in Iraq concludes his contract with Naba Al-Jana in sweat and delivers the money to the company in Najaf. After sending the goods and full customer satisfaction, the company sends the money to Iran.
If the customer is not satisfied with the shipment, he can withdraw his money from the company. Of course, thank God we have not had a dissatisfied customer to date.
The management of the company sends all the shipments from 2 to 3 deliveries to different cities of Iraq as a guarantee.

Send all kinds of flowers to Iraq

At the beginning, Nikagol's collection used to export potted flowers to Iraq, but it has also been active in the cut flower section for years. Examples of flowers currently exported to Iraq:

Potted flowers:

  • Dutch rose
  • Rose Sanaz
  • Jasmine Petus
  • Bowl pots
  • Hassan Yusuf
  • Sanaz is moving
  • Paper
  • Kamis
  • Defen Bakhia
  • Mattress
  • And ...

Cut flowers:

  • Glaiol
  • Nail
  • Types of leaves
  • Davoodi
  • Lilium
  • Alster and ...

Cities destined for export in Iraq

Due to the government's support for the people and the fact that the people do not need to work in the field of production, Iraq is more of an importer, and despite the exchange rate, the import of flowers and plants from Iran has a good economic justification for the Iraqi people.
Nikagol currently shipments to almost all Iraqi cities and has various representatives in various Iraqi cities, distributing the collection's products at the designated Aria Gol price in Iraq.

Among the cities in which Nikagol is represented:

  • Kalar
  • Sulaimaniyah
  • Erbil
  • Ranya
  • Shaqlawa
  • Mosul
  • Duhok
  • Karbala
  • Najaf
  • Baghdad (The most important city and customers belong to Baghdad)
  • Basra

Recently, we have been involved in exports to Oman, the UAE and Qatar, which, God willing, will be implemented in the coming years.

One of the top exporters of flowers and plants in the country

In the agricultural year of 1398-1399, we had one hundred and fifty trucks of ten wheels and export transit, which is the second largest exporter of flowers in the country.

Aria Gol's motto is to export quality and guarantee a high percentage of products.

Also, all customs duties of Iran and Iraq and border cocooning, etc. are completely the responsibility of Nikagol and the customer delivers the flowers only at the destination.

Use of soil appropriate to the climatic conditions of Iraq

The other winner of Nikagol is the use of soil appropriate to the climatic conditions of different cities in Iraq. All Ariagle products are shipped with Pitmas soil

Due to the hot and dry climate of Iraq, it is difficult to maintain flowers. And the shelf life of flowers in Iraq is finally two months.