Culture of Petus plant tissue

Petunia is a great plant for cleaning the air. This plant is mainly grown as an indoor plant and the special feature of the plant is that it can grow even in a bottle full of water (alone for a reasonable time if you simply change the water or again at frequent intervals Fill.) Or a container without soil. Petunia is propagated by tip cuttings or stem cuttings that easily take root in soil or water. The best season to use cuttings is summer or spring.

Philodendron plant tissue culture

Philodendron is suitable for use as table ornamental plants, hanging baskets, totems or floor plants. Laboratory culture is a method of asexual reproduction under aseptic conditions that uses the ability of each plant cell to produce the same genetic material. Production of ornamental plants has used this technique to propagate plants with a high degree of uniformity and health. Most commercial plants of the genus Philodendron are propagated by in vitro tissue culture.

Cultivation of caladium plant tissue

Caladium plants are famous for their impressive foliage. The leaves are large, heart-shaped or arrow-shaped in a wide range of colors and patterns. These plants, which are native to subtropical regions, generally grow best in warm, shady places. Caladium plants were obtained twice from a greenhouse in Amol, Iran. The leaves were isolated from mother plants and used as explants for tissue culture.

Tissue culture of Begonia rex plant

Begonia rex is a plant of the family Begoniaceae. Begonia plants are popular among growers due to their beautiful flowers and are used worldwide as garden plants, potted plants, hanging basket plants, and decorative indoor plants. Thin cell layer system (TCL) is an efficient tissue culture technique to obtain a large number of plants in a very short time. 

ثقافة الأنسجة النباتية السينكونيوم

Singonium podofylum, also known as the arrowhead plant, naphthite, african evergreen, and goosefoot. This plant is the most common species produced in the foliage. The release of singonium is easily done through the cutting of the nodal, tip or air layers. The easiest method is to cut the vines into single-knot or single-eyed (a node with the leaves attached and the adventurous roots) and place it directly in a rooting environment under the mies.

Orchid flower tissue culture

Orchids are considered as the most popular crops. Orchids can be reconstructed indirectly quickly through protocorms such as the proliferation of body formation (PLB) from exoplanet plants.