Culture of Petus plant tissue

Petunia is a great plant for cleaning the air. This plant is mainly grown as an indoor plant and the special feature of the plant is that it can grow even in a bottle full of water (alone for a reasonable time if you simply change the water or again at frequent intervals Fill.) Or a container without soil. Petunia is propagated by tip cuttings or stem cuttings that easily take root in soil or water. The best season to use cuttings is summer or spring.

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Petus plant or Devil’s Ivy

pipremnum aureum (Linden and Andre) Bunting is also used as the scientific name of the prosperity plant by many and considered synonym of Scindapsus aureus. Besides money plant, other names used commonly for this plant are Pothos, Silver Vine, Devil's Ivy and Solomon Island's Ivy. This plant is native to Southeastern Asia and New Guinea. Crassula ovatais is also known as jade plant, friendship tree, lucky plant or Money Plant sometimes referred to as the money tree. Pachira aquatica is also referred as a money tree.Hence, confusion exists in the nomenclature. In Asia, however, Scindapsus aureus is grown as money plant in houses. It may be grown both as a trailer and a climber. It is a scrambler shrub and it can climb by means of aerial roots over the trees and plants which hook over the tree branches . The leaves of the Scindapsus aureus are similar to Philodendron scandens.

pipremnum aureum is an excellent air cleansing plant. Its decorative marbled leaves and easy maintenance make it very popular amongst indoor plants. This plant is grown mainly as an indoor plant and the special characteristic of the plant, is that it can grow even in a water-filled bottle (alone for a reasonable time if you simply keep the water changing or refill at frequent intervals.) or a container without any soil. Although many plants can be grown as hydroponics but money plant survive without addition of nutrients in the water just with naturally found salts in the water. It grows well with bright filtered light. But in more or less light , discoloration of the leaves take place. The Genus Epipremnum is further organized into finer groupings including many species and varieties.

Classification of pipremnum

pipremnum aureum belongs to a large family Araceae having 110 genera and 2500 species in the world distributed mostly in the tropics and subtropics of both the hemispheres . pipremnum Linn. is represented by more than one species in India, of which aureum and pinnatum is the most widely cultivated and best known species among the other species. 

Petus plant in the principles of Feng Shui and Vasto

Hence, the good growth of pipremnum aureum in anyhousehold is an indicator of wealth. Growing nature of the plant shows that money plant is a perennial climber and young plants bear three-four inches long heart-shaped leaves. Money plant is considered a good Feng Shui plant as it is considered to remove toxins from the air caused by cleaning products and modern furnishings madeof synthetic materials. It energizes the home by filtering air and increasing oxygen inflow. Feng Shui experts recommend keeping one plant near each computer, television or WiFi router. Placing money plant in front of a sharp corner or angle reduces anxiety and stress. Vaastu experts recommend planting of money plant inside the house as it brings good luck to the house.In addition to basic photosynthesis that removes carbon dioxide and returns oxygen to the air, plants can remove toxicants from air, soil, and water as they can metabolize some toxic chemicals, releasing harmless by products, and also they can incorporate toxicants such as heavy metals into plant tissues, thus sequestering them.

Growing environment

Golden Pothos is a hardy plant which requires very little care. No direct sunlight is required. It can stand bright light, but the best results are achieved with a medium indirect light. Minimal temperature: 14 16 °C (57-60 °F) Optimal temperature: 22 26 °C (71-78 °F). At a temperature lower than 10 °C, leaves turn yellow and develop spots.It requires frequent watering from spring to autumn but over watering should be avoided in the winter. It grows well if top soil is dried out in the warm & bright climate. This plant tolerates heat and humidity. Sandy loam to clay loam soil is perfect for its growth.

Propagation and culture of Petus plant tissue

It is propagated by tip cutting or stem cuttings that root easily in soil or water.  Best season for using cuttings is either summer or spring. It can be grown on moss sticks as the climber or allowed to trail down. In vitro culture . aureum somatic embryos formed directly at the cut edges or on the surface of petiole explants of pipremnum cultured on MS medium supplemented with TDZ (Nphenyl N’-1,2,3 thiadiazol-5 ylurea) and NAA (α-naphthalene acetic acid) or TDZ and 2,4-D (2,4-dichlorophenoxyacetic acid) . Somatic embryos were able to germinate on the initial induction medium and after transferring onto MS medium containing BA (6- benzylaminopur ne) and NAA.

Regeneration of adventitious shoots of Pothos (pipremnum aureum Linden and Andre) ‘Jade’ from the leaf and petiole explants and plantlets acclimatized rapidly in the greenhouse after transfer to pots with commercial potting medium . Effect of different levels of nitrogen on the growth. aureum cuttings initiated at Ornamental Nursery of Horticulture Department, Peshawar showed application of urea to increase the performance of money plant.
The effect of ultraviolet light on thermo luminescence, oxygen evolution and the slow component of delayed light have been investigated in chloroplasts and Pothos leaves. These results explained the involvement of photo system II in generating thermo luminescence and slow components of delayed light in photosynthetic materials. The influence of storage duration and temperature of Philodendron Scandens oxycardium and Epipremnum aureum unrooted cuttings on subsequent fresh weight production showed plants stored longer to have less fresh weight.